Program #1835

This episode of New Sounds draws from the Japanese art of ukiyo-e ("pictures of the floating world"), beginning with Lyle Mays's Solo Improvisations for Extended Piano. Like his longtime collaborator, guitarist Pat Metheny, Mays's music is rich in textures, dramatic, arpeggio bursts, and gentle impressionism. George Rochberg's Slow Fires of Autumn for flute and harp (subtitled Ukiyo-e II) equally evokes striking images of the East. The show rounds out with music by Japanese composer Somei Satoh and American composer/producer/rock pioneer Brian Eno.

PROGRAM #1835, Music of the Floating World (First aired on Mon. 10/2/00)





Various artists

Japan: Spirit of Water

Zangetsu, excerpt [1:30]

Celestial Harmonies #13172** (PRMS* or )

Susan Allen

New Music for Harp

G. Rochberg: UKIYO-E, Pictures of the Floating World [10:30]

1750 Arch Records, LP #1787. Long out of print.

Somei Satoh


Sanyo (Sun), excerpt [13:00]

New Albion #069** (PRMS* or

Lyle Mays

Solo: Improvisations for Extended Piano

We Are All Alone [10:30]

Warner Bros #47284** (PRMS* or or

Brian Eno

On Land

Lizard Point [4:30] The Lost Day [9:00]

Editions EG #20** (PRMS*)

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