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Fall is new release season, with record labels large and small often turning out some of their hottest CDs of the season. This edition of New Sounds showcases several of these, including the latest from dj Cheb i Sabbah, an excursion into the devotional music of India. From Spain, we hear the flamenco wizardry of singer Miguel Poveda and from the US, it's David Krakauer's latest Klezmer Madness CD, The Twelve Tribes. We also feature Kandia Kouyate, the Mali-born Griot who is backed up by her six-man acoustic band on her release, Biriko. Music by Juan Martin and Ben Allison, among others, rounds out the mix.

PROGRAM # 2078, New Releases September 2002 (First aired on Sept. 30, 2002)





Various: Cosmas & Alexio Magaya

Africa | Music from the Nonesuch Explorer Series

Nhemamusasa, excerpt [2:00]

Nonesuch #79793***

Kandia Kouyate


M'Bensara [8:30]

Stern's Africa #1095 *

Miguel Poveda


Con esa morena [5:00]

Harmonia Mundi #987027***

Juan Martin

Camino Latino

Vuelo [5:00]

FlamencoVision# FV #08**

David Krakauer

The Twelve Tribes

Der Gasn Nign [5:00]

Label Bleu#6637 / HM 83*

Rebbe Soul

Change the World With A Sound

Avinu [5:00]

33rd Street Records #3314

DJ Cheb i Sabbah

Krishna Lila

Maname Diname [6:00]

Six Degrees #657036-1066**

Kadri Gopalnath

Scintillating Sax

Gnaana Vinaayakane [10:00]

Dunya #fy8056 OR

Ben Allison

Peace Pipe

Slap Happy [2:00]

Palmetto #2086*** or

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