Program #1825

The Beatles psychedelic masterpiece "Strawberry Fields Forever" has inspired its share of musical decendants, several of which will be presented on this edition of New Sounds. "I Buried Paul" by Bang on a Can's Michael Gordon refers to the piece vividly (so much that you expect to hear the mumbled voice of John Lennon intoning "cranberry sauce," a line that was subsequently interpreted as "I buried Paul."). Alvin Lucier's "Nothing Is Real" is based on piano fragments of the "Strawberry Fields" melody -– played through a teapot with microphone inside. And Carson Kievman's astoundingly beautiful 1998 piano work "Meditation" is no less imaginative and far reaching -- a testament to the Fab Four's continuing influence to this day.And Carson Kievman's astoundingly beautiful and emotionally powerful 19-minute Meditation isno less imaginative and far reaching.

PROGRAM #1825, Strawberry Fields/Meditation





The Beatles

Magical Mystery Tour

Strawberry Fields Forever [4:00]

Apple/EMI #48062**

Bang On A Can

Renegade Heaven

M.Gordon: I Buried Paul [9:30]

Cantaloupe #21001, 212-777-8442; , website:

Mike Mainieri Presents

Come Together: Guitar Tribute To The Beatles, Vol. 2

P. DeGruy: Strawberry Fields [4:00]

NYC #6014. 800-266-4NYC or

Aki Takahashi

Hyper Beatles Vol. 2

A. Lucier: Nothing Is Real [9:00]

Eastworld #6655. Japanese CD; does not seem to be in print.

Carson Kievman

The Temporary and Tentative Extended Piano

Meditation [23:00]

New Albion #845** (PRMS* or )

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