Program #1810

A member of the trailblazing Bang on a Can All-Stars, composer/performer Evan Ziporyn is among the generation of musicians trained in university composition programs but also raised on rock and free jazz, and who fluently incorporates both. He's also the group's most globe-trotting member, and his work is particularly informed by his twenty-year involvement with Balinese gamelan. This edition of New Sounds features his Amok, for electric double bass and Balinese gamelan ensemble.
PROGRAM #1810, Evan Ziporyn & Bang On A Can





Evan Ziporyn

Gamelan Galak Tika

Amok! [32:00]

New World Records #80565.** or 212-302-0460

Bang On A Can

Renegade Heaven

J. Wolfe: Believing [9:00]

A. Dreyblatt: Escalator, excerpt [9:00]

Cantaloupe #21001. or ; 212-777-8442.

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