Program #1996

With guest Will Ackerman. Guitarist, composer, founder of Windham Hill Records, Ackerman presents music from his first album of vocal works, featuring Samite of Uganda and others.

PROGRAM # 1996, with William Ackerman (First aired on Wed. 1/16/02)





William Ackerman

Hearing Voices

Briars Above The Well, excerpt [1:30]

Windham Hill/BMG #11608***

Glen Velez

Glen Velez and Shane Shanahan

Live, WNYC studios, broadcast on BBC 3, Jan 1, 2002

Bodhran [4:00]
Duet #9 for Dionysus [3:00]

Bodhran and many of Velez's ensemble works are available on his CDs; information at

William Ackerman

Hearing Voices

A Koan From Hugh [2:00]
His Old Eyes [5:00]
Walk With Me, excerpt [4:00]
Beneath The Tree [3:30]
In the Valley of Moses, excerpt [4:00]
Illumina [4:30]
Happy Ending [2:00]
Briars Above The Well, excerpt [1:30]

See above.

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