Program #1818

Interspecies music. Jay Cloidt: Cats; Phillip Bimstein: Garland Hirschi’s Cows; Ancient Future: Frogorian Chance; Paul Winter: Wolf Eyes; Alan Hovhaness: And God Created Great Whales.

PROGRAM #1818, "Interspecies music"





Paul Winter

Greatest Hits

Sax-Wolf Duet [:30]

Living Music #81503**

Jay Cloidt

Kole Kat Krush

Exploded View: Cats [3:30]

Starkland #208. or PO Box 2190, Boulder CO 80306

Philip K. Bimstein

Garland Hirschi's Cows

Pasturale & Moovement [8:00]

Starkland #205; same as above.

Alan Hovhaness

Hovhaness Collection, Vol. 2

And God Created Great Whales [12:30]

Delos #3711** (

Einojuhani Rautavaara

Cantus Arcticus

Swans Migrating [6:30]

This CD on BMG/Catalyst, #62671, is probably out of print. In print recordings include Bis #1038 and Naxos #8554147, both available in stores or online.

Ancient Future

Natural Rhythms

Frogorian Trance & Frog Orient Chance [6:30]

Philo/Rounder #9006.


Where Young Grass Grows

Anatoly and Kaigal-Ool riding horses while singing [2:00]

Shanachie #66018** (

Philip K. Bimstein

3 Works for Winds

Half Moon At Checkerboard Mesa, [8:00]

Available privately at

**In most better stores; in NY, try J&R on Park Row, Tower Records, Virgin megastore at Times Square, HMV, Other Music on 3rd St., etc.