Program #1812

World music by Telek, Trilok Gurtu, Mary Jane Lamond, Douglas Quin, Djali Moussa Diawara, and more.

PROGRAM #1812, World Music






Serious Tam

Tolili Kundu [2:30] Go Ralom [3:30]

Real World/Narada #49543** ( , 1-414-961-8350)


Africa In Central America

Balandria [4:00]

Detour #27303**.

Salsa Africa

Afro-Cuban Salsa Music

D.M.Diawara: Salsa Kora [5:30]

Candela #59442. ; ; 888-848-6777

Trilok Gurtu

African Fantasy

Old African [6:00]

Blue Thumb #543 821** ( )

Douglas Quin

Forests - a book of hours

Dawn, excerpt [7:00]

Earth Ear #9022. or 888-564-3399

Mary Jane Lamond

Lan Duil

Mo Ghille Mor [4:00]

Wicklow/BMG #63643**

Chris Rael & Deep Singh

Tunnel Ragas

Salmon, Fudge and Beer [4:30]

Fang #2000A. Fang Records, PO Box 652, NY NY

Mary Jane Lamond

Lan Duil

Crodh Air A'Bruaich [4:30]

Wicklow/BMG #63643**

David Rothenberg & Douglas Quin

Before The War

Karelian Midnight [5:00]

Earth Ear #9052. or 888-564-3399

**In most better stores; in NY, try J&R on Park Row, Tower Records, Virgin megastore at Times Square, HMV, Other Music on 3rd St., etc.