Program #1791

Works for string quartet and tape. Osvaldo Golijov: K'vakkarat; Morton Subotnick: Echoes of the Silent Call of Girona, from New Sounds Live at Merkin Hall.

PROGRAM #1791, Strings plus… (First aired on Thurs. 5/18/00)





Kronos Quartet

Night Prayers

O. Golijov: K'vakarat [8:00]

Nonesuch #79346**

Morton Subotnick

Locrian Chamber Players, live at Merkin Hall, 4/13/00

Echoes from the Silent Call of Girona [28:30]

Not commercially recorded. Many of Subotnick's other works are readily available, including Key To Songs/Return (New Albion Records) and Jacob's Room (Wergo Records).

Maya Beiser


N. Vasconcelos: Trayra Boia [9:00]

Koch #7464.** (

**In most better stores; in NY, try J&R on Park Row, Tower Records, Virgin megastore at Times Square, HMV, Other Music on 3rd St., etc.