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Works for electric guitar by Fripp & Eno, Glenn Branca, Bill Frisell, and more.
Music with electric guitar (First aired on Mon. 11/16/98)
Fripp & Eno Evening Star Wind on Water [5:00] Reissued as part of "The Essential Fripp & Eno", Caroline Records. **
Robert Fripp The Gates of Paradise The Gates of Paradise [14:00] Discipline #DGM 9608. PossProd@aolcom 1-213-937-3194; fax 937-9102.
Glenn Branca Symphony #6, Devil Choirs at the Gates of Heaven 2nd movement [8:00] Restless/Blast First #71426. 1-213-390-4574.
Los Gauchos Alemanes Voices of Ancient Children Voices of Ancient Children [2:30] From the CD compilation "Sometimes God Hides - The Young Persons' Guide to Discipline" (see Fripp, above.)
Fred Frith The Top of His Head Title Theme [1:30]

Driving To The Train [3:00]

Title Theme, conclusion [3:30]

Made To Measure/Crammed Discs #MTM-21. www.crammed.be
Bill Frisell Quartet The Gallows [6:00] Nonesuch #79401**
Rhys Chatham Die Donnergötter Die Donnergötter, excerpt [2:30] Dossier #9002. Dossier Records, Prinzenallee 47b, D-1000 Berlin, Germany
**In most better stores; try J&R, Tower, Virgin, HMV, Other Music, etc.

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