Program #1769

Singer Ute Lemper presents music from her record "Punishing Kiss," featuring works by Elvis Costello, Philip Glass, Tom Waits, Kurt Weill and more.

PROGRAM #1769, with Ute Lemper (First aired on 4/18/00)





Ute Lemper

Punishing Kiss

The Case Continues [4:00]

Little Water Song [4:00] Passionate Fight [4:00]

Tango Ballad [5:00] Streets of Berlin [4:00]

Purple Avenue [4:30]

Scope J, excerpt [8:00]

Universal Classics #289 446 473**

**In most better stores; in NY, try J&R on Park Row, Tower Records, Virgin megastore at Times Square, HMV, Other Music on 3rd St., etc.