Program #1761

Not Drowning, Waving: Tabaran; Sheila Chandra: Not Weaving, Droning; others.

PROGRAM #1761, Cross-cultural music(First aired on Wed. 2/23/00)





Pusaka Sunda


S.Bogdanowitsch: If There Be Rivers, All Will Blossom [5:30]

Sakti #35. 1-408-275-9575 or

Not Drowning, Waving


Feast [2:30]

Sing Sing [4:30]

WEA/Australia #90317-2999. Probably not available in the US; however, "Sing Sing" appears on a promotional CD of NDW's music called "Follow The Geography" (Reprise Records #PRO-6245) which may be available in the States.

Sheila Chandra & The Ganges Orchestra


Not Weaving, Droning [2:30]

Indipop #EEPCD2. PO Box 369, Glastonbury; Somerset BA6 8YN, UK.

Echo Art

Porto Sonoro

Azzurro Cielo [6:00]

NewTone/Felmay #fy7014. NEW TONE RECORDS. Italian CDs by Harvestworks, 596 Broadway #602, NYC 10012. 212-431-1130. Or;

Guy Kark & Between Times


From Canaan [5:30]

Sufa #1369. Sufa Productions, Jerusalem. Fax 972-2-643-4820;

Juan Martin

El Alquimista

En El Palacio del Sultan [3:30]

FlamencOvision #FV06. Fax: 44-208-346-2488;

Alpha Yaya Diallo

The Message

Kakande [4:30]

Wicklow/BMG #63407**

Spirit Keepers

Sacred Ground

Tribal Revival [5:00]

Intuitive Sound #ISP-001. or 770-998-2163.

Antonio Zepeda


Lago entre Montanas [3:30]

Producciones Fonograficas (#0744); Adolfo Prieto #1649, 1er piso; Col. Del Valle, Mexico 03100, D.F. Phone #s: 534-86-47 or 534-86-67.

**In most better stores; in NY, try J&R on Park Row, Tower Records, Virgin megastore at Times Square, HMV, Other Music on 3rd St., etc.