Program #1933

Sequentia performs an excerpt from the Icelandic Eddas; Benjamin Bagby performs
an excerpt from Beowulf; music by Hildegard von Bingen and Brigitte
von Schweden

PROGRAM #1933, Ancient Music for a Modern Age (First aired on Thurs., 7/5/01)





Sverrir Guðjonsson

Epitaph - Medieval Iceland

Prologue [3:30] The Long Spring [1:00] Iceland [1:30] Kyrie [1:30] My Tongue Be Not Reluctant [1:30]

Opus 111 #30-253. or Also distr. by Harmonia


Edda - Myths from Medieval Iceland

Baldyr's Dreams [9:30]

Deutsche Harmonia Mundi #77381** (

Benjamin Bagby

WNYC Live, January 4, 2001

Beowulf, excerpt [3:30]

Not commercially available.


Ancient Music for a Modern Age

Bishop Ato: O Adiutor [5:30]

Deutsche Harmonia Mundi #61868** (

Les Flamboyants

Hildegard von Bingen & Birgitta von Schweden

Hildegard: O Viridissima Virga [5:30]

Birgitta: Christe Patris Excelsi [6:00]

Klang Raum #9802.

Einojuhani Rautavaara

The Myth of Sampo

II [6:00]

Ondine #892.** or

**In most better stores; in NY, try J&R on Park Row, Tower Records, Virgin megastore at Times Square, HMV, Other Music on 3rd St., etc.