So Many Oil Spill Cleanup Ideas, So Little Time

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BP cleanup worker Perry LeBoef stretches an oil-soaked boom along a beach on May 23, 2010 on Elmer's Island, Louisiana. Officials now say that it may be impossible to clean the oil-affected wetlands.
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Since last month’s explosion on the Deepwater Horizon well, it seems like everyone has an idea for how to clean up the spill. BP spokesman John Curry told us on Friday that its call center had received 74,000 calls and 19,000 emails with recommendations for cleanup technology – everything from advice to services to equipment.

Connie Mixon is one of those callers. Her company, MyCelx, creates technology for cleaning up oil spills; it's been used in the United States, Europe, Canada and Asia. She talks about her struggle to get BP's attention in the midst of the worst oil spill in years.