U.S. Is Not Greece

Friday, May 21, 2010

Nobel Prize-winning economist and New York Times op-ed columnist Paul Krugman explains that the United States shouldn't worry about becoming the next Greece, and shares his take on the financial reform package.


Paul Krugman

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David from Boston

Brian - Get on the ball. 4 Republicans not 3 voted for financial reform (add Grassley from Iowa).

May. 21 2010 07:45 PM
James Bond from New York

Krugman dont add up...

He likes the spotlight too much to say anything truthfully

May. 21 2010 11:54 AM

D: debt during a recession is the best thing for an economy.

May. 21 2010 10:53 AM
Robert from NYC

Maybe it's just time that NYC just gradually moves away from depending so much on financial markets and begin to go in other directions to save it's a**!! How about that?

May. 21 2010 10:50 AM

I saw a report yesterday saying most banks have paid back the TARP money, so where is that money going? Shouldn't we have paid down some of our debt?

May. 21 2010 10:49 AM
Estelle from Austin

Dare we ask Dr. Krugman his opinion on the idea of legalizing marijuana as a source of tax revenue? It used to be an idea out of left field, but seems to be gaining some support among well-respected politicians here and there.
Does he think it might actually happen one day? Does he think it would help balance the budget?

May. 21 2010 10:48 AM
Renata De Oliveira

Do you see the real state ballooning upwards again? To the same levels as before this crisis?

May. 21 2010 10:48 AM

we'll pay the bills when the economy is better. that's what clinton did and bush brought the debt back (oddly running debt when the economy was good)

May. 21 2010 10:47 AM
Derek from 42nd & Lex

"Spend our way out" what a ridiculous statemant, and how does he plan to pay back this money. As they say on wall street "I'll be gone, you'll be gone' the future debt is somebody elses problem.

May. 21 2010 10:44 AM
Jenifer from Brooklyn

How a hyper-partisan like Krugman is (or was ever) considered a serious economist is beyond me. His arguments change based on who is in power by 180 degrees and have little or no basis in reality

May. 21 2010 10:43 AM
Robert from NYC

Maybe we SHOULD be rioting in the streets! No, Americans are followers, we follow our leaders and believe the over and over again as they lie to us. We always thought the Soviet Union brain washed it's comrades when in fact it is the US who has done a hell of a job of brainwashing us in believing we are better than everyone else and from that no matter what we do, good or bad, is good and is what we should do and accept it. Pretty broad statement but think about it. We are the wimps who follow the leaders. The Pied Piper of Hamlin has nothing over US! That's how the finance bank bill last night got passed w/o the right reforms.

May. 21 2010 10:41 AM

We have a printing press combined with a strong military and a democracy.

I'm not sure what the similarities betwn us and greece.

May. 21 2010 10:37 AM


Prof Krugman use to compare us to Argentina. I remember him stating that on Al Franken's old radio show. Now he thinks deficits don't matter. I guess he is just a political hack.

May. 21 2010 10:28 AM

the market has been throwning a temper tantrum this week because DC and Europe wants to regulate after the disaster caused by mortgage backed securities. it's so much fun watching the pretty boys in their over priced suits sweat.
is this the last best chance to put a leash on the mad dogs of wall st.

May. 21 2010 10:23 AM

pk -- how has your view on the us's economy changed in the last 18 months?

May. 21 2010 09:47 AM

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