TMI: Find Someone Sharing Information

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Are we sharing too much information on Twitter and Facebook? We're exploring the benefits and the downsides of sharing our personal lives making our private lives public. Help us in an experiment!

Seek out a stranger that you see sharing information on the internet — on Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare — anyone who catches your interest. Don't go stalking though, just reach out and ask them one question for us: What benefit does he or she get from sharing personal information publicly? Tell us what happens and we'll talk about it on the air.

Takeaway digital editor Jim Colgan explains what we're up to and what happened when he used Twitter and FourSquare to track someone down in a park in Manhattan.

Here are some ways to do this:

  • Search Twitter and select "Near this place" in the advanced option (you can see this here)
  • If you have a smartphone, you can use location-based apps like FourSquare to see who has checked in to a location near you (this is what Jim did). You can usually click on the profiles of people who checked in and find their Twitter or Facebook profile.

Listen to what Twitter (and FourSquare) user Dave T. told us when we tracked him down: