Background: The Deitch Connection

One of Connie's friends in New York was Gene Deitch, cartoonist, creator of Tom Terrific, and director of the Oscar-winning 1961 animated short "Munro," written by Jules Feiffer. Deitch is a music-lover who back in the '50s used a newfangled tape recorder to record jazz, folk, and blues (including John Lee Hooker). He recorded Connie Converse at an informal gathering, and was very impressed. Connie herself continued to record her songs for what she called her Song of the Month Club, the only members of which were Connie's younger brother Philip Converse and his wife Jean. Gene Deitch, who has lived in Prague, The Czech Republic, since 1959, has continued to enjoy Connie's music, and along with Philip Converse, has hoped to find a way to share Connie's music with the world.

In January, 2004, Gene and his son Kim Deitch—one of the greats of underground comics—were guests on David Garland's WNYC radio show Spinning On Air. Gene sent in advance a CDR of some of the music he wanted to present on the show, and that included one Connie Converse song. Garland, who has sought and championed unusual songwriters for decades, recognized that Connie Converse's song "One By One" was extraordinary, and he and Gene presented it enthusiastically on the air. Dan Dzula and David Herman, two young men who were listening that day, have also become passionate about Connie's music, and have now coordinated the first commercial album of Connie's songs, "How Sad, How Lovely," on Lauderette Recordings, released March 10, 2009.

Spinning on Air: Gene and Kim Deitch (January 9, 2004)