Of Craig Thompson, of Of Montreal, and of more

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Craig Thompson is an artist/writer who tells thoughtful, personal stories in the comics form. His recent, 600-page autobiographical graphic novel "Blankets" garnered this praise from Jules Feiffer: "[Thompson's] expert blending of words and pictures and resonant silences makes for a transcendent kind of story-telling that grabs you as you read it and stays with you after you put it down. I'd call that literature." Thompson's latest book, "Carnet de Voyage," is a vivid travel journal about his recent time in Europe and Morocco. Craig joins host David Garland to talk about his work, and to share a musical soundtrack for "Blankets." Also: the dense, calorie-rich music of the group Of Montreal and their ornate concept album "Coquelicot Asleep in the Poppies."
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