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Dewanatron plays live electronic music on analog synthesizers they design and build themselves, making exciting, unpredictable sounds that harken back to the Golden Age of electronic music. Cousins Brian and Leon Dewan have been tinkering with electronic sounds since they were kids. Each has gone on to become an unsual songwriter (Leon with the group The Happiest Guys in the World, and Brian with his solo projects such as "The Operating Theater"). In the last couple of years they've been inventing and playing electronic instruments such as the Courtesy Modulator, the Swarmatron, and their latest, most ambitious instrument, the Dual Primate Console. Dewanatron joins host David Garland in the WNYC studio for an entertaining presentation and discussion of their unique instruments.

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Dewanatron will perform at Tonic, 107 Norfolk St (between Delancey and Rivington), on Sunday, June 27th, at 8pm. Also at Tonic that night, former Spinning On Air guest Pamelia will perform on her theremin.