Hannah Marcus

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Hannah Marcus has been writing and recording songs for the last ten years or so, and she's evolved a very personal style. The songs sometimes wander gently, other times they are searching urgently, and their goal seems to be an encounter with the truth. Hannah joins host David Garland in the studio to talk about and to sing some of her encounters, accompanying herself on piano and guitar, joined by an ensemble of viola, cello, harmonium, and sax. While Hannah often writes her own lyrics, she's also collaborated with novelist Rick Moody (The Ice Storm, etc.), not only on her songs but also in the group The Wingdale Community Singers, along with guitarist David Grubbs, and we'll hear some of the smart urban country music this entertaining group has recorded. Hannah's new CD, "Desert Farmers," was recorded with members of the Montreal-based band Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and Hannah will introduce us to some of their music, too.
Hannah Marcus performs at Tonic, 107 Norfolk Street, on Thursday, June 24th.

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