The Commonplace Made Extraordinary

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Some people can take the commonplace—daily life, a guitar, a singing voice—and turn it into something extraordinary, reminding us that nothing should be assumed or taken for granted. Here are some musicians for whom songwriting is bursting with new potential. They may be a bit eccentric, but the result is startling communication. Br. Danielson's new CD, "Brother:Son" includes songs of wonder, doubt, and faith, with music that engages by being surprising. The Animal Collective's "Sung Tongs" seems to come from some vital, but alien culture. On her new album "The Finest Thing," Lori Carson has slowed the song experience down so that it ambles thoughtfully in a lush landscape. Host David Garland presents songs by these artists and more, including Iceland's Slowblow and Argentina's Juana Molina. Also, innovative Japanese composer Nobukazu Takemura was in New York this week, and had time for a short interview, which is heard in the start of the second hour of this show.
» Animal Collective
» Br. Danielson
» Lori Carson