A Visit from the Cats: Gene Deitch and Kim Deitch

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Gene Deitch is an Oscar-winning animation film director. He created cartoons for the UPA Studio (Mr. Magoo), and for CBS he created and directed the Tom Terrific series. He's also been an avid jazz record collector since the 1940s. In the '40s, for a record collector's magazine he drew cartoons featuring a bespectacled jazz fanatic called The Cat. Now a book of those drawings, called "The Cat on a Hot Thin Groove," has been published, and Gene Deitch visits Spinning On Air to share his musical passions and talk about his work. Also joining host David Garland is Gene's son, Kim Deitch, himself a widely respected cartoonist - of the underground comics variety. Kim's graphic novel "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" is set in the milieu of the early years and pioneers of animation, and music plays a part in that story, too. Some of the musical rarities Gene Deitch shares on this show include the broadcast premier of recordings Deitch himself made of blues legend John Lee Hooker 55 years ago!
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