6:15 - Croft's Kiddies.

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Program hosted by Roland Weber called “Croft’s Juveniles”, also known as “Croft’s Kiddies.”, under the direction of Minnie Croft.

Young Betty Hagan with part of a radio play, "At the Butcher's" oddly remarking on high food prices.

Weber describes nine-year-old Eleanor Packard: “Eleanor has a springy dress on...dressed in pink organdy with long brown hair fluffed around her ears, and she’s going to sing about the lilac trees.” Eleanor sings.

Another nine-year-old, Constance Hagan, “with gay eyes and a... sweet smile” recites a poem about being “the middle child.”

Edwin Melvin, “very much the man in his golf suit” performs “I’ve Got Rings on My Fingers” with Mrs. Minnie Croft accompanying on the piano

Now Jim O'Shea was cast away
Upon an Indian Isle
The natives there they liked his hair
They liked his Irish smile
So made him chief Panjandrum
The Nabob of them all
They called him Jij-ji-boo Jhai
And rigged him out so gay
So he wrote to Dublin Bay
To his sweetheart, just to say

Sure, I've got rings on my fingers..." (Incomplete)

Sylvia Polanski reciting “Jim’s Woman”, also incomplete. Weber predicts that Polanski will be a “great actress.”

WNYC archives id: 73692