Drama Bug

"The dinner hour became either unbearable, or excruciating, depending on my mood. ‘Methinks, kind sir, most gentle lady, fellow siblings all, that this barnyard fowl be most tasty and succulent...'"
—David Sedaris, "The Drama Bug"

Misfits try to fit somewhere in a poignant tale of teenage angst and a delicious piece of self mockery.
Chelsey Johnson’s delicate and strange “Pinhead, Moonhead” was presented as part of a live program of story readings in Iowa City, Iowa, home of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, at the University of Iowa, the oldest and most distinguished of the creative writing programs on American campuses. Johnson was an Iowa MFA candidate at the time, and the story was published first in PLOUGHSHARES. The exquisitely tuned reading is by SEX AND THE CITY star, Cynthia Nixon, a frequent reader at Selected Shorts’ home theatre, Symphony Space.

The second story, “The Drama Bug,” is an all public radio affair, as SELECTED SHORTS host Isaiah Sheffer reads a story by humorist David Sedaris, a frequent commentator on NPR’s MORNING EDITION as well as a frequent guest on THIS AMERICAN LIFE. Sedaris was named Humorist of the Year by TIME Magazine in the year 2001 and was also a recipient of the Thurber Prize for American Humor. His books include BARREL FEVER, NAKED, HOLIDAYS ON ICE, ME TALK PRETTY ONE DAY, and DRESS YOUR FAMILY IN CORDUROY AND DENIM.

PINHEAD, MOONHEAD, by Chelsey Johnson, read by Cynthia Nixon
THE DRAMA BUG, by David Sedaris, read by Isaiah Sheffer