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'The Kid' Opens Off-Broadway

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From centaur fetishists to adults who pretend to be babies, sex advice columnist  Dan Savage has heard just about everything about people's private lives.

But what really makes Savage shudder is seeing his story played out, live on stage. A musical based on Savage’s 1999 memoir The Kid opened Monday off-Broadway. 

“It’s impossible for me and my boyfriend to watch it without curling up in the fetal position on the floor because it’s our story on stage,” he said.

The Kid tells the story of Dan (Christopher Sieber) and his boyfriend Terry (Lucas Steele) as they adopt a son from a teenager named Melissa (Jeannine Frumess). Dan and Terry choose to do an "open" adoption, meaning that Melissa -- who is homeless and survives by asking for change on the street -- maintains contact with the family. The awkward and often heartbreaking choreography that surrounds Melissa's choice to give up her son, accompanied by these two expectant fathers, is the heart of The Kid.

Director Scott Elliott believes The Kid can work for any kind of audience. “It’s sort of a universal story,” he says. “But I do hope that people come in and can watch this story and watch this gay couple in love in search of a family, and abandon whatever preconceived notions of that and go with it.” 

First and foremost, The Kid is about a one night stand that becomes a relationship, and a couple who become parents. The vibrator under the couch cushion is just a detail.