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Beach Fossils
Playing at: Brooklyn Bowl
(61 Wythe Ave., Williamsburg)
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Beach Fossils began as the solo project of Dustin Payseur, who first gained attention for his lo-fi guitar pop last year. Since then Beach Fossils has been fleshed out into a proper band, but the songs on the group's forthcoming self-titled debut spring from the creative loins of Payseur, who recorded the tracks before teaming up with his new bandmates. This cut from the album, which is set for a May 25 release, provides an apt soundtrack for the last days of spring and the kickoff of summer. With its sunny guitars, mellow yet upbeat pulse and fuzzy vocals courtesy of Payseur, "Youth" sounds like some hybrid of '60s surf rock and contemporary indie pop.

Download Beach Fossils' self-titled album at