War at the Wall Street Journal

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sarah Ellison tells the story of Rupert Murdoch's $5 billion acquisition of the Wall Street Journal.

In War at the Wall Street Journal: Inside the Struggle to Control and American Business Empire, she delves deep inside the landmark transaction and the rocky transition, and reveals how Murdoch undid much of what the Bancrofts had long protected at the Journal.

Event: Sarah Ellison will be reading and signing books
Wednesday, May 12, at 7 pm
Borders Columbus Circle


Sarah Ellison

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Morgan Yudell from Ridgewood, NJ

I would like to know when all became an acceptable plural as is "Alls you need to know...

May. 12 2010 01:37 PM
michael from brooklyn

@Dark Symbolist especially when she admires him for being cut throat and disowning his son. what a wonderful man that Rupert is! If only we could all be a little more like him.

What a horrible world that would be.

May. 12 2010 01:00 PM
Dark Symbolist from NYC

What is this segment supposed to be about exactly? This woman kissing butt to Murdoch? I find her admiration of Murdoch disgusting, quite frankly.

May. 12 2010 12:41 PM
michael from brooklyn

can this author get her lips off of Mr. Murdoch's ass please. thank you.

May. 12 2010 12:37 PM

I had a subscription to the Journal for about 15 years and always enjoyed it. I have since failed to renew due primarily to Murdoch's arrogance about his reader's being willing to "cough up" the 100% increase in the subscription price. I have no problem with a reasonable increase, but 100% for a paper that has been cheapened by the addition of certain content is out of line. He can keep his paper.

May. 12 2010 12:35 PM
Skip Jahn from Westchester

I wonder if the circulation numbers are inflated - there is a weekly WSJ insert in the Journal News (Westchester). Is that counted? I was one of the very early subscribers to the WSJ Online but canceled this year because they raised the fee substantially without notice and the editorial page has moved decidedly to the right

May. 12 2010 12:34 PM
Dark Symbolist from NYC

What a Murdoch love-fest!

May. 12 2010 12:34 PM
CJ from NY

Why do all the guest authors seem to come from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt?

May. 12 2010 12:32 PM

I don't think much of Rupert Murdoch, but if he can take down the Times a few (hundred) notches, power to him. The sheer arrogance of the Times is something to behold. I recall Tom Friedman on Nightline or Charlie Rose once fielding criticism about the Times coverage of the Middle East. Friedman's response? "The Times is the best paper in the world." That was it.

We've already seen the Times do something it has less and less frequently — pay attention to New York.

May. 12 2010 12:18 PM

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