Gig Alerts: Bill Frisell - 858 Quartet

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Bill Frisell
"Cluck Old Hen"
Playing at: Village Vanguard
(178 7th Ave., West Village)
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Musical chameleon and guitarist Bill Frisell originally formed his string-based 858 Quartet to record his 2005 album Richter 858, a collection of improvised music inspired by the work of painter Gerhard Richter. But Frisell and his bandmates had such a good rapport that Frisell decided to continue working with the four-piece outfit, and tonight he and his quartet settle into a six-night residency at the Village Vanguard. On this live recording featuring the foursome, violinist Jenny Scheinman, violist Eyvind Kang and cellist Hank Roberts join Frisell on a traditional Appalachian tune. This recording comes from Frisell's Live Download Series.