6:05 - Board of Education program: Arithmetic . . . P.S. 210, Brooklyn; [and John Adams] High School Orchestra.

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6:05 - Board of Education program; Arithmetic: Addition of mixed numbers - Maurice A. [Garfinkel], Principal, P.S. [210], Brooklyn; Music by the [John Adams] High School Orchestra.

Brooklyn Board of Education Program. This program broadcast sample lessons being taught in Brooklyn public schools at the time to give parents an idea of teachers’ expectations of students in the classroom.

Frank A. Rexford, Director of Civics, presents the John Adams High School Orchestra, H. Otto Piatti, Conductor, performing the Overture to Alessandro Stradella, by Frank Flotow, which cuts in and out.

Mr. Rexford introduces Maurice Garfinkel, principal of Junior High School 210 in Brooklyn, who speaks on “The Modern Teaching of Arithmetic in Our Schools”. Describes changes in education philosophy, curriculum and process with an eye toward imparting practical quantitative skills that could be applied to everyday situations, specifically industry. These changes are described as an evolution from the rote memorization and “impossible numbers” and problems previously found in the curriculum. This segment cuts out near its completion.

Mr. Rexford introduces Miss Jane Eggers, P.S. 110 teacher in Brooklyn, who demonstrates an arithmetic lesson with help from her adorable 5th grade students.

Mr. Rexford introduces "Block Captain Man" Walter S. McGrane, Manager of the Anti-Litter Bureau of the Merchants' Association. Mr. McGrane addresses his “Block Captains” with the 10 essential points Block Captains must keep in mind when making their reports. These high school students are charged with observing trash disposal and sanitation conditions on their block, reporting the names and addresses of block residents not in compliance with City sanitation standards. In exchange, Block Captains receive credit in their Civics courses and a “testimony of merit’ (a written commendation or reference) from the Merchant’s Association.

Mr. Rexford introduces the last two selections from the John Adams High School Orchestra: "Gavotte", from the opera MIgnon, by Ambroise Thomas, and the "Farandole" from the suiteL'arlesienne, by Georges Bizet.

Tommy Cowan signs out from the Board of Education building.

Mis-tracking and severe speed fluctuations throughout.

WNYC archives id: 73674