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Monday, April 12, 2010

Live from Kandahar, Sarah Chayes gives us an update on what’s going on in Afghanistan. She’s been living and working in Kandahar since 2001, when she covered the fall of the Taliban for National Public Radio. In 2002 she decided to leave journalism to help rebuild the country, whose fate will help determine the shape of the 21st century. She runs the Arghand cooperative in Kandahar, and is a former special advisor to the command of the international forces in Afghanistan.


Sarah Chayes

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if you see her past interviews she is somewhat protected by a lot of people who know who she is and think highly of her, i.e. if justice is based on retribution, and she has a good reputation amongst many groups, then people will not dare to attack her because they know they will be punished by those who are her friends.

hjs i am assuming the question is that we have to support karzai or let the taliban win? i think her argument is that if things keep going the way they've been going, karzai is going to lose no matter how much support we give him; people just become too fed up with the corruption, the murderous warlords, the drug mafia, the inability to have any sort of basic government functions like a court system, roads, schools, etc. etc. not that they love the taliban, but maybe they just have no reason to defend karzai anymore.

May. 08 2011 01:35 AM
Andrew N. from North Bergen, NJ

It is always wonderful to hear Ms. Chayes with Leonard. Her comparison of the current situation to Vietnam and her critique of the "we just don't understand their culture" argument were both very apt. She is very brave and wise.

Apr. 12 2010 11:32 PM
db from nyc

[5] Michelle from Manhattan:

Apr. 12 2010 12:43 PM
Mike C. from Tribeca

Like Vietnam we really hear about the views of the Afghan media. I can't remember the last time I read a quote from an Afghan newspaper.

Apr. 12 2010 12:43 PM
db from nyc

[5] Michelle from Manhattan:

Apr. 12 2010 12:42 PM
Michelle from Manhattan

correction, meant to write she, not see

Apr. 12 2010 12:40 PM
Theodore Reimer from Brooklyn

Dear Leonard,
Just a few questions for this guest or future guests:
What action can we take to get the US out of Pakistan? Has anyone addressed the consequences of bringing all those troops back to the US? With the suicide rate so high, how will we deal with in influx of soldiers who are battle weary, disenchanted, and depressed?



Apr. 12 2010 12:40 PM
Michelle from Manhattan

Can you provide info about the soaps and rose oil see mentioned. I missed the stores she said that they were located at.

Does the guest plan on returning to the US? How do you communicate with the Afghan people, do you speak their language?

Apr. 12 2010 12:39 PM
db from nyc

Does Sarah fear for her own life?

Apr. 12 2010 12:33 PM
hjs from 11211

isn't an 18th century afghanistan with karzai better than a 13th century afghanistan without karzai

Apr. 12 2010 12:31 PM
Richard Johnston from Upper west side

Does this fine lady have a death wish, talking this frankly?

Apr. 12 2010 12:28 PM
Taher from Croton on Hudson

Those who are interested in the Afghan War should check out this interview by Bill Moyers of Andrew Bacevich.

Apr. 12 2010 12:12 PM

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