Monday, March 29, 2010

Hugh Raffles talks about the varied, amazing world of insects. In Insectopedia he offers a glimpse into the world of Chinese cricket fighting, the courtship rites of the dance fly, the role locusts play in the famines of west Africa, and what the human desire and disgust for insects inspires.

Event: Hugh Raffles will be reading and signing books
Tuesday, March 30, at 7:00 pm
McNally Jackson
52 Prince Street


Hugh Raffles

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Barbara Kaslow from NYC

RIght on! But today is much better. I have a few card counting friends who will enjoy today's line up.

Mar. 30 2010 12:58 PM
Seth from Upper West Side

I agree with Barbara. This is nonsense and it sounds like two college dweebs pulling an all-nighter, all giddy and wired.

The crush stuff is repulsive and their defense of it is even more nauseating. Please bring Lenny back.

Mar. 30 2010 01:18 AM
Barbara Kaslow from NYC

I find the voice of this guest to be nauseating, the subject of the crush disgusting, why have this annoying substitute host giggling with this bad talker? I get the book and the subject of getting to know insects.
Just clean up the yakkity yak. I am a regular listener and contributor I rarely have an issue. I couldn't wait for this to end. Very unsophisticated host.

Mar. 29 2010 01:26 PM
Joe from New York

I'd speculate that women are generally more preoccupied than men with matters of hygiene and cleanliness - and experience more revulsion with regard to insects - because in ancestral times women were the primary caregivers for children. Women who maintained a clean household (or "cavehold") were more likely to keep their homes disease-free, and thereby pass their genes on to subsequent generations.

Mar. 29 2010 01:24 PM
Tracy from NYC

Is there any (cultural or evolutionary) reason why women are so much more vocally disgusted by insects than men?

Mar. 29 2010 01:19 PM
Joe from New York

Mike: FYI, spiders are not insects. They're arachnids.

Mar. 29 2010 01:08 PM

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