The Shaking Woman

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Siri Hustvedt suffered a violent seizure from the neck down in 2006, and the seizures happened again and again. She talks about searching for a diagnosis to her disorder. Her memoir The Shaking Woman or a History of My Nerves is an account of her search, and how it brought up some fundamental questions: What is the relationship between brain and mind? How do we remember? What is the self?

Event: Siri Hustvedt will be in conversation with Rita Charon, director of Columbia University’s Narrative Medicine program
Wednesday, March 10, at 7:00 pm
Powerhouse Arena
37 Main Street, Brooklyn


Siri Hustvedt

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Amy from Waltham MA

I'm freaking out right now because I just listened to the show where you interviewed the Shaking Woman. She said there is a 60% chance that a person with one or the other of migraine or epilepsy will get the other??? ??!!!

I have looked for this on the net and have not found anything even remotely like this.

Is this true?? Please Please Please respond and tell me this was a mistake!!! Or point me in the direction of some information from actual medical studies!!

I have had migraines since I was a child, I am now 48. I know that people with epilepsy should not drive because of the risk of a seizure while driving. If the correlation of migraine and epilepsy is that high, then am I taking a risk when driving???

Please respond to me, this is really frightening me. I have seen doctors about migraine and none of them even mentioned epilepsy.

60% Oh God I hope this is a mistake.

Mar. 14 2010 07:45 PM
Soundlanguage from Jersey City/West Village

Unless I missed it when I stepped out of radio range for a minute, was there any mention whether daily water therapy helps calm or relieve symptoms?

Or for that matter, (low level) electro shock therapy?

Mar. 10 2010 01:03 PM
Fred from Brooklyn

I would recommend reading John Sarno, M.D. (“The Mindbody Prescription” and “The Divided Mind”). I am curious to know if Siri Hustvedt is familiar with his work, which seems very much related to her story.

Mar. 10 2010 01:03 PM

She is a good looking woman.

Mar. 10 2010 12:58 PM
Elizabeth from Brooklyn

Did Dostoyevsky write about his seizures?

Mar. 10 2010 12:50 PM
Estelle from Austin

Did your guest just say that 60 percent of migraine sufferers will develop epilepsy? That doesn't seem believable.

Mar. 10 2010 12:48 PM

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