Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Felix Moeller, director of the film "Harlan - In the Shadow of Jew Süss," discusses the life, work, and legacy of Veit Harlan, one of Nazi Germany’s most notorious filmmakers, whose film anti-Semitic propaganda film "Jew Süss" was required viewing for all SS members. He’s joined by Jessica Jacoby, Veit Harlan’s granddaughter. "Harlan - In the Shadow of Jew Süss," is playing at Film Forum March 3-16.

Events: Jessica Jacoby and Felix Moeller will be answering questions
Wednesday, March 3, and Friday, March 5, after the 8:00 pm screening
Felix Moeller will be answering questions
Thursday, March 4, after the 8:00 pm screening
Film Forum
209 West Houston Street


Felix Moeller,

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john from office

There is a bias toward jewish subjects because jews are a sucessful major part of new york. They make up the artistic and media class in New York and LA. There is a natural bias towards jewish subject, guests and subjects. Look at the LA or New York times, many jewish names and subjects.

Tell Me More has a Black Bias and more black guests. Guys this is new York, not houston.

Mar. 02 2010 02:29 PM
Jenny from Jersey City

Mike that's fine but it doesn't explain daily topics/guests that invariably related to Judaism. This would be a fine show in it's on right but why do these stories feature every single day?

Mar. 02 2010 02:00 PM
Mike from Inwood

Lopate doesn't make these things up; this movie exists and the critics love it. The object here, if you're listening, is not anti-semitism or even the treatment of the Jews by the Nazis, but the family dynamics revolving around one member's life, which is in retrospect, negatively valued. How the family reacts is the topic. It could just as easily have been about people finding their family included slave owners, murderers or the manufacturers of products that resulted in consumer deaths. Bruce, get over yourself.

Mar. 02 2010 01:53 PM
Jenny from Jersey City

Bruce, WNYC does spend a disproportionate amount of time talking about Jewish-related topics/guests.

Just yesterday 3/1 he had "The Forty Rules of Love" that just happened to be about a Jewish woman.

On Friday 3/26 he had "The Pride" which is a play that evokes Nazi Germany.

I can go further back, it just seems to be popular subject matter on here. Dunno why.

Mar. 02 2010 01:44 PM

Hey Leonard is THE perfect enabler for the subject at hand.
Old Lenny will always work in AntiSemtism,the Holocaust into any subject discussed whether revelant or Not.
100 year old Paris floods??? Ole' Lenny :Umh,yes Alfred Dreyfus yes, AntiSemitism was widespread!!.....Like the floodwaters.....

You gota Luv him!

Mar. 02 2010 12:02 PM

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