Workin’ It with RuPaul

Friday, February 05, 2010

RuPaul gives helpful and provocative tips on fashion, beauty, style, and confidence for girls and boys, straight and gay—and everyone in between! Workin’ It! RuPaul’s Guide to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Style provides insights into makeup, clothing choices, and the illusion of drag. The book picks up where the new season of "RuPaul’s Drag Race" leaves off, and is part style guide part confidence manifesto.



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Chanel from Lubbock tx


Oct. 22 2010 08:48 PM
Kate from East Village

There's no way that RuPaul could have gotten where he is without having a serious smart/nerdy side. I do wish the interview hadn't sounded quite so scripted, although I thought all of the lines were great. I have a feeling that the 'man behind the curtain' is even more fierce and fascinating than the fantasy RuPaul.

Feb. 06 2010 03:57 AM
agilkat from hudson county nj

behind frivolity,lies the cryptic wisdom of knowing without explaining [i know that sounds full of it,but,oh well.......

Feb. 06 2010 12:56 AM
austin gil from hudson county nj

what the hell is an intellectual,other than a dufus without a subtle inner life. go-ru paul...

Feb. 06 2010 12:40 AM
Yewande from NJ

I found the interview refreshing. I don't pay attention to RuPaul, but I liked his honesty, and not taking himself to seriously. That's what's wrong with politics now, folks digging in on their views

Feb. 05 2010 02:42 PM
CJ from NY

Gotta agree with #12. RuPaul was talking at Leonard. It wasn't a conversation.

Feb. 05 2010 01:10 PM
john from office

Len, are you kidding

Feb. 05 2010 01:10 PM
Telegram Sam from Staten Island

Thought more highly of Ru before I heard him-her talk. Really phony and self-reverential. You're on Leonard Lopate, not the Today show. Maybe get real for a sec and drop the dopey soundbite talk.

Feb. 05 2010 01:04 PM

Well, I've now heard it all. Ru Paul thinks he's an "intellectual." And LL doesn't even politely challenge the remark. Disappointing, to say the least.

Feb. 05 2010 01:01 PM
Maude from Park Slope

I LOVE YOU RuPaul! I'm a woman, and I feel so empowered by Drag Queens. You have been an inspiration for me to find out and then become who I am, no matter what that is. I love your line at the end of each Drag Race "If you can't love yourself how you gonna love anybody else." amen.

Feb. 05 2010 01:01 PM
mary from NYC

I used to love waking up to RuPaul telling me to love myself. I miss that voice being on the radio!

Feb. 05 2010 12:59 PM
CJ from NY

Who knew RuPaul was such a Nerdy Pants!

Feb. 05 2010 12:58 PM
Katherine from manhattan

What does RuPaul think about

Don't Ask Don't Tell ?

Thank you!

Feb. 05 2010 12:57 PM
maria from bklyn

RuPaul's bravery has allowed so many people to feel free and he has helped to lessen the brutality against people that society assumes to be "different". Thank you so much, Paul.

Feb. 05 2010 12:56 PM
Teco from New York

Oh God, I love Ru Paul. So witty without being mean.

Feb. 05 2010 12:55 PM
Tamiko from st. louis

Yes, gender is not a binary - it's as fluid as sexuality. Thank goodness for folks like Ru Paul who work to destabilize the binary.

Feb. 05 2010 12:50 PM
Jay from New York City, NY

I am a big fan of Ru Paul. I believe he has become an immortal icon for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered everywhere. Please thank him for being an inspiration and role model for a segment of the community that seems not to have many. Oh, and "Work it Gurl!"

Feb. 05 2010 12:32 PM
Ash from Chelsea

I love RuPaul! When I was an undergrad at Emory in Atlanta in the 80's I used to track his fliers all around town. He is an inspiration.

Feb. 05 2010 12:23 PM
Janny from jersey city

Lenny, please please PLEASE ask RuPaul to comment on Congressman Hunter's remark about how repealing DADT would allow 'transgenders and hermaphrodites' into the military...I would love to hear her opinion!

Feb. 05 2010 10:22 AM

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