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60-Second Stir Fry: Aaron Hicklin

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Out magazine editor Aaron Hicklin has nerves of steel, at least when it comes to the high heat of the Stir Fry's lightening round of questions. He brought a typically British stiff upper lip to probing, deeply personal questions such as "a food you hated to eat as a kid but now love."

It was his ringing cell phone that rattled him, not my intellectually rigorous questions.

Hicklin was immune to public shaming. Asked if he ever got tipsy on one of his booze-soaked Christmas cakes, which he spoke about at length in this week's Last Chance Foods, he said, "I wish!"

My wish is that more Americans try his Christmas cake, which goes by the term "fruit cake" on this side of the pond. It might just subvert our national aversion to it.