Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Yaron Shani and Scandar Copti, Israeli and Palestinian co-directors of "Ajami," discuss collaborating on their debut film. Set in Jaffa’s multi-ethnic Ajami neighborhood, home to Jews, Muslims and Christians, the film has won prizes at festivals worldwide. "Ajami" opens February 3 at Film Forum and February 5 at the Lincoln Plaza Cinemas.


Scandar Copti, and Yaron Shani

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Jgarbuz from Queens, NY

Israel is a the liberal democratic homeland of the Jewish nation, but is also the country of all its very varied non-Jewish communities and citizens. Besides the 144 or so ethnically diverse Jewish groups, the other 26% of non-Jewish Israelis include Arabs, Armenians, Druze and a wide variety of others. It's as ethnically diverse as the United States, and actually even more so. Only those who have never lived in Israel (as I did for the decade of the 1980s) thinks different. Those who do think differently should go live their for a few years to get properly educated.

Feb. 03 2010 12:42 PM
bruce from midtown

Good to see that multi-ethnic neighborhoods have survived in Israel.It's important to note that the last thing Israel's founding fathers had in mind was "multi-ethnic neighborhoods"
All of Israel's war involved the mass expulsion on non Jews from their homes.To be fair Israel has always claimed that these people were "encouraged" to leave.Ofcourse they were never allowed to return and their homes were given to newly arrived Jews from Europe and elswhere.As a matter of policy Palestinian villages were routinely razed and renamed.
Question is how did Scandar Copti family survive this onslaught.Does he also think Christian and Muslim minoritis in Israel will exist in Israel's future as it moves to the extreme right?

Feb. 03 2010 11:29 AM

As Israel is moving to the extreme right it's good see that are pockets of multi religious/ethnic groups still surviving.It's imprtant to note that Israel's founding fathers did not have this in mind and worked hard to make Israel exclusive.
Practices such as home demolition,deportation,arrest/torture without trial,siezure of private property,ect. are strictly used only against Israel's non Jews.
My question is as a non Jew in a Jewish state does he think it's only a matter of time when the rest of Christians and Muslims in Israel will be driven out?

Feb. 03 2010 11:01 AM

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