Friday, January 22, 2010

Director Jon Amiel and Randal Keynes, Charles Darwin’s great-great-grandson, talk about the film "Creation," based Keynes’s book Creation,. It depicts Darwin as a brilliant man sure of his scientific skills but tormented by his daughter Annie’s death and by the realization that he has lost his faith. "Creation" opens in New York January 22 at Landmark Sunshine Cinema and Clearview Cinemas at First Avenue and 62nd Street.


Jon Amiel and Randal Keynes,

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J.Steven S. from United States

Evolution is severe misinterpretation of the data, as well as the Uniformitarian Model of gargantuan ages that never existed. Rather, life on Earth came into existence simultaneously via a process of "Spontaneous Polybiological Mass-Profusionism" (SPMP), which is even documented in the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead, the Hermetica. The Geological Column/Fossil Record is also misunderstood. Technically, there was a "polybiological explosion" of the entire genetic species pool consisting of
contemporaneous life. This was incrementally whittled away by periodic transterrestrial cosmocataclysms that precipitated "Periodic Mass Polybiolysis" (PMP), where large percentages of the variety of life was SUDDENLY entombed in hydraulic strata creating the Geological Column/Fossil Record. Evolution never happened. It is skewed conjecture. Since the advent of Darwinian Evolution the world has been gripped in the talons of a "140-Year Scientific Dark Age" (pseudo-science) that has tainted all subsequent scientific thought and theories, keeping Humankind in a state of Dark Ignorance.

Jan. 24 2010 10:44 PM
gaetano catelli from downtown manhattan

what is really "stupid" is the almost universal failure of (fellow) secularists to understand that Evolution is far more problematic for religionists than mere antipathy to apes as ancestors.

Jan. 23 2010 08:54 PM
John M. from NY, NY

Sounds like an interesting film. But I must admit, last year's extravagant celebration of the 150th Anniversary of The Origin of the Species has left me with a bit of Darwin fatigue.

And the idea that the advance of modern medicine is the result of Darwin's theory is risible and historically inaccurate. That credit goes to Darwin's contemporary, Louis Pasteur, of "Germ Theory" fame.

Jan. 22 2010 03:27 PM
Dana Rubin from New York City

Hi. I'm trying to subscribe to the Leonard Lopate, but when I click on the Subscribe to Podcast link, it sends me to an RSS feed. I've tried clicking on other Podcasts on the wnyc site (Brian Lehrer etc) and it sends me correctly to the xml podcast director/feed - the audio podcast address. Please help! Many thanks. Dana

Jan. 22 2010 01:18 PM

Ditto Nancy!! Stupid Americans simply have no concept on how complete boredom can be so entertaining. Moviegoers prefer to see ten foot tall blue apelike creatures in 3d for $11.00 a pop.

Jan. 22 2010 12:54 PM
Nancy Duggan from Morristown, NJ

The difficulty the filmmakers encountered getting "Creation" distributed in the U.S. may have been due to its being a dull movie, rather than any endemic American problem with Darwin.

Jan. 22 2010 12:39 PM
Ed H. from Larchmont, NY

The film sounds like it supports the idea that evolution is sound as a scientific observation, but that it's metaphysical claims (no God, no divine intervention or guidance), are the opinions of Darwin, not part of the science.

Jan. 22 2010 08:19 AM

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