Friday, December 04, 2009

Julie Powell talks about learning the art of butchering and traveling from Argentina to Ukraine to Japan to learn about meat. Her new memoir is Cleaving: A Memoir of Marriage, Meat, and Obsession.

Event: Julie Powell will be reading and signing books
Friday, December 4, at 7:30 pm
Barnes & Noble, Lincoln Triangle
1972 Broadway, 66th Street

She'll also be reading and signing books
Thursday, January 7, 7:00 pm
Housing Works
126 Crosby Street


Julie Powell

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Tim from Paris

So, staying in affair for two years was distasteful. But it wasn't my marriage. I understood the original premise of blog, a goal, a project, something to do. And on the way, she learned to cook, probably pretty well.

So, she has as much right to share her experiences as anyone else. But, really, they're kinda boring. That's all.

Then again, I'd like to apprentice at a butchers; I guess I'm jealous.

Jan. 04 2010 12:59 PM
Kevin from Michigan

SO glad I wasn't married to her.

Her husband found out about the affair after two months, but she carried on for two years? She deserves to be divorced...

Jan. 03 2010 02:54 AM
Shellie from Upper East Side

With all of the interesting people within a 50-mile radius to choose from, perhaps you might have done better than to interview this self-serving woman whose story (affair, divorce, becoming a butcher) isn't so remarkable or notable.

Dec. 04 2009 09:33 PM

"Looking at Tiger Woods' wife, we wonder why he would cheat"--? Really, Leonard? While I rather tend to agree with the first poster (even though I haven't read it), I am wondering if L would have asked the same questions of a man who cheated...

The sexism has really been coming through lately.

Dec. 04 2009 01:28 PM
Maria from Brooklyn

Okay, I understand now.

Dec. 04 2009 01:25 PM
Dorothy from Chelsea

Oh my gawd! I feel as if I'd been transported to a women's conscious raising session in the early 1970s -- It was sometimes boring then, but it's always boring almost 40 years later. I think I'll skip the book.

Regarding butchery -- I've been told that a French butcher never cuts through a bone. Hence no t-bone steaks in France. I wonder how that affects the differences in the taste of meat in Paris/New York. Perhaps a question for Reichel or Pallin?

Dec. 04 2009 01:25 PM
Maria from Brooklyn

Not knowing JP's background (and not having read this book), can someone explain why she seems to be reviled by wnyc listeners?

Dec. 04 2009 01:23 PM
Joxster from Tribeca

That was as about as interesting as watching paint dry.

Dec. 04 2009 01:22 PM
Inquisigal from Brooklyn, NY

Not for nothing, but maybe Ms. powell should learn how to use her life experiences to enhance writing fiction, as opposed to exploiting those that are close to her so soon after those situations arose. I'm sorry, I think this is lazy writing.

Dec. 04 2009 01:12 PM

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