Running in the Shadows

Monday, November 30, 2009

Ian Urbina, national correspondent for the New York Times, discusses the recent surge of runaway teens around the country. His series of articles about the lives of runaways has drawn attention from Capitol Hill. You can read the articles here.


Ian Urbina

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Whitney from Brooklyn, NY

The documentary, Streetwise, about homeless teens in Seattle, was made in 1984 and the Orion Center there has been offering a safe haven and multi-services for vulnerable teens in Seattle for decades. There are preventative measures, as Mr. Urbina mentioned during the interview, that are being implemented in some schools and programs targeted to at-risk teens already. Each teen that I met while a volunteer at the Orion Center had been physically or sexually abused at home, so running away offered the possibility of safety. Debra Boyer, PhD, has been involved on research in this field for decades and her work is an excellent place to begin for those interested in better understanding runaway and exploited teens.

Nov. 30 2009 01:12 PM

Why can't I simply stream wnyc? Why must I download a podcast every 8 minutes?

Nov. 30 2009 01:09 PM
Rafael Cevera from Mexico

When and if the new health care reform passes will be a small first step in fixing this problem. If runaways at least can count on free medical care, their plight will be that much less daunting.

Nov. 30 2009 12:26 PM
Sarah Weitlauf from LIC, Queens

Possibly the reason kids are flocking to Oregon are the Oregon Runaway Laws? In Oregon, it's not illegal for a teen to run away from his or her home. If they know they won't get hassled by police, it makes a lot of sense that they would flock there. What's Ian's take on the Oregon Runaway Laws?

Nov. 30 2009 12:23 PM
kai from NJ-NYC

From my years living there these are the reasons I think Oregon and the W. Coast have high street-life populations:

> More permissive open culture
> West side of the Cascade mountains cool but not freezing temps (you can live outdoors)
> Long term unemployment and poor economic conditions due to loss of timber industry and other manufacturing since the 1980s
> Survival of hippie and communal culture (you should see all the communes all over NW including N. california, WA state, even right wingers in ID and MT)

Nov. 30 2009 12:22 PM
kai from NJ-NYC

It is notable that not only Medford, but all of Oregon is filled with homelessness and street kids (Eugene, Portland, etc.)

Nov. 30 2009 12:16 PM

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