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Monday, September 14, 2009

Award-winning journalist Geraldo Rivera details the evolving role of Hispanics in shaping America's future. The Great Progression: How Hispanics Will Lead America to a New Era of Prosperity features interviews with prominent Hispanics, including Ken Salazar, Antonio Villaraigosa, and Jennifer Lopez , and looks at the growing impact Hispanics are making on the social, economic, and political climate of the United States.

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Geraldo Rivera

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raymond from bronx

Some people forget that this is a land of immigrants. The europeans took this land by force from the native americans and the mexicans and this is a fact.

Sep. 17 2009 04:20 PM
Terry from Manhattan

My grandparents and my husbands parents came from different countries. They came here LEGALLY learned English. Never would they live off the city.
They found little jobs, enough to pay the rent and food. All the children had to find some type of work. They were too proud to accept welfare. They always remembered and told us about their home countries, but were so proud to be in America, they put up an American flag.

Sep. 15 2009 08:46 PM
Eddie Brown from New York, N.Y.

Mr.Rivera takes his frustrations and the resulting ethnic pride dangerously close to unforgiving racism. The "we shall multiply and conquer" tone of not only His attitude, But many other Latinos is far to divisive and reminiscent of the nonsense preached by white supremacists extolling the virtues of a caucasian dominated and controlled land.
Move forward, Not back.

Sep. 14 2009 06:28 PM
Mayra Gutierrez from NJ

in responce to (jerry from NY NY) perhaps us Hispanics are the biggest recipients of public assistant because of the descrimination agaist us thats out there from people with attitudes such as yours, if we were given equal opportunities in this country, the U S would have being run and govern by Hispanic a long time ago

Sep. 14 2009 03:57 PM
Sandra from Astoria, Queens

#11: Not trusting Latinos because of Pedro Espada??? Would be like not trusting Jews because of Bernie Madoff. That's the definition of racism/stereotypes (generalization based on classification).

Sep. 14 2009 03:13 PM
Paulette from NYC

Does anyone remember what the Statue of Liberty stands for and what the inscription reads? I have said this so many times, most of us are descendents of immigrants and it was far easier for immigrants of the Jacob Riis era to settle here than today. I can't believe some of these comments. I would expect them from folks I know in the South but not in NYC area. Sometimes I think the South acknowledges it raciest views usually on the surface and here everyone tells themselves they are not racist but it lurks just beneath the surface!

Sep. 14 2009 02:50 PM
Paulette from NYC

Amy from Manhattan commented,

“Wait, describing people in terms of their brand of beer, the games they play, & the music they listen to is cultural profiling, not racial! (Ha, in case anyone out there thinks I meant this seriously.) I find it very interesting that anyone is trying this hard to recast racial profiling in cultural terms. Is it "progress" that some people feel they can't be open about the real basis of their prejudice?”

Amy, the intent is there and many Hispanics are of indigenous bloodlines termed Amerigine (Native American fall into this category) and some have African bloodlines as well.

And Parsley’s comment I find almost offensive, how can you generalize (where do you get your info?), illegal immigrants are not only Hispanic. Immigration as well as our penal system is highly minority driven, because white people usually have the money to hire attorneys to defend them. I personally know cases where illegals are accused and because they have no rights (I find this appalling) are sent to prison or deported and the real criminals get away with it!

Sep. 14 2009 02:40 PM
Parsley Keenan from Harrison

According to WIKI, Geraldo Rivera was raised mostly Jewish and had his Bar Mitzva, so why is it that he made it sound like he grew up in such a traditional Hispanic up-bringing??

Sep. 14 2009 02:35 PM
Parsley Keenan from Harrison

it simply is nauseating to hear Geraldo make light of the pressing problems caused by illegal aliens both on domestic and national levels.

Sep. 14 2009 02:23 PM
Parsley Keenan from Harrison

Mr. Rivera, please know that
an true immigrant is a person who, not only makes the effort to move to a new country to make a new life, but also make the effort to respect and assimilate into the new culture(while not forgetting the old), to learn and speak the new language, to follow the laws of the new society...

While Mr. Rivera(or Rivers) was correct about the good citizens of Hispanic decent's good citizenship, he seems to be conveniently overlooking the damages the illegal aliens have done to this country.

People are anti-illegal aliens, they are not anti-immigration.

Sep. 14 2009 02:20 PM
kai from NJ-NYC

@ Jerry,

So you think that the main reason that most immigrants COME to the US is for public assistance?

Give me any source: report, poll, qualitative/quantitative study that supports your claim that immigrants come to the US for public assistance instead of the possibility to get a better job and work hard for one's family?

Self-reliance is not forgotten because it necessary for everyone to exist everyday. It is virtually impossible for people to depend on the US government's paltry social safety net to support them, especially if you're an illegal alien. As has always been the case, social cohesive neighborhoods and social networks are what immigrants here and in every country in the world depend on for true support.

Sep. 14 2009 02:05 PM
Parsley Keenan from Harrison

Yeah, this country soon will become just like the Latin America, where the drug cartels and the gangs reign supreme, GOOD JOB!!

Well, why were there signs at national parks warning about the marijuana growers? because there HAVE BEEN CARTELS cartels taking over many state/national parks across the country cutting out parcels of lands to grow pot. NPR even had shows reporting about this.

Geraldo either is just ignorant or he's just intentionally avoiding the fact that

Sep. 14 2009 02:05 PM
s from manhattan

the dark swarthy other is also the native american and african that is a part of latinos too, not just the spaniard part. agree that the spaniard was always considered the darker european, probably because of the moorish/african presence there for so long but the small dudes hanging in the parks that you're describing are a lot of indigenous folks from latin america, the indigenous of course never embraced here, erased here.

otherwise mr. rivera was doing a good job describing the problems. there's a lot of not listening to the guy and the basic things he's saying on this board, a lot of projection
and comments out of left field.

if he was jerry rivers, he was also a young lord and he's had many incarnations that should give him at least some expertise.

Sep. 14 2009 02:03 PM
tom from ny

Were we listening to the same interview? I think Geraldo was pretty much spot on – esp. his ideas on dealing with healthcare for “illegals.” By the way, anyone who’s not Native American has zero credibility on that issue.

Sep. 14 2009 02:00 PM
Judy from NJ

Hispanics can be white or black and mixed. Being hispanic defines your ethnicity not race!
And about those forms- I find them insulting.

Sep. 14 2009 02:00 PM
the truth from bkny

You totally embarrassed yourself and other hispanics here today GERALDO RIVERA!

Sep. 14 2009 01:59 PM
Paulette from NYC

Why is there so much sacasism on comments today? My husband is Spanish, I am not, everything Geraldo Rivera is saying is so TRUE! Geraldo it's great to see you back on the beat, giving voices to so many who have none! GOOD JOB!

Sep. 14 2009 01:55 PM
Jerry from NY, NY

To: Kai
I'm an immigrant myself, it's just the idea of self reliance is being slowly forgotten (your forefathers probably didn't come here to sign up for public assistance)

Sep. 14 2009 01:55 PM
Amy from Manhattan

Wait, describing people in terms of their brand of beer, the games they play, & the music they listen to is cultural profiling, not racial! (Ha, in case anyone out there thinks I meant this seriously.) I find it very interesting that anyone is trying this hard to recast racial profiling in cultural terms. Is it "progress" that some people feel they can't be open about the real basis of their prejudice?

Sep. 14 2009 01:54 PM
oh and..

Didnt he used to go by JERRY RIVERS in law school???

Sep. 14 2009 01:52 PM
Russell Nesbitt from Branchburg,NJ

Mr. Rivera, has it absolutely correct. Also in describing the Hispainic voter he is also describing the old black true middle class of the 50's-60's and their decedents of which I am one. This is a true silent majority ignored by many.

Sep. 14 2009 01:51 PM
hjs from 11211

also catholic vs protestants

Sep. 14 2009 01:50 PM
ann m

I am sorry but I had to shut this off. As an educated Hispanic woman, I cannot stand to listen to this complete bull. He may have some facts but he is twisting them and projecting into some alternate reality. Please do not have him on your show again.

Sep. 14 2009 01:50 PM

WHy this hostility?

Think about Pedro Espada and what happened in Albany!

It'll be a very very long time before I trust any Latino, especially in politics.

Sep. 14 2009 01:47 PM

One of my concerns about the coming Hispanic onslaught is that it seems that their "key" issues are immigration and abortion. I fear saavy republicans can win their votes by taking a progressive stance on immigration, bolstered by conservative social views. (And OMG, hispanics are certainly not a gay-friendly group!)

Further, as a jew, I've noticed a palpable bigotry by hispanics towards us and our issues.

Sep. 14 2009 01:46 PM
Liz from New York

I think Mr. Rivera is right on the mark about racism as a major factor in much of the hysteria surrounding Pres Obama's health care policy as well as his speech on education. It's one thing to elect a man of color to the presidency, it's another to actually live with the outcome, or so it seems for many Americans. One step forward, two steps back. Such is the nature of human nature, or so it seems.

Sep. 14 2009 01:46 PM
kai from NJ-NYC

@ Jerry,

Seems to me that the United States is going where "this country" has always been going: being a land of immigrants.

Almost every single person in the US (unless you're Native American) is a descendant of an immigrant. So, Jerry, et al., when did your immigrant forebears come into this country? One of my Danish ancestors jumped ship more than a 100 years ago and was an illegal alien.

Who then are the real Americans?

By the way, Geraldo is correct, there are a lot of racists in this country hiding under the cover of anti-immigrationism, "socialism," "patriotism," etc.

Sep. 14 2009 01:41 PM
the truth from bkny

Geraldo "Rivera", You are talking as if Black folk are not listening...or u are like the rest of the fox new characters and just insist on being openly disrespectful!

Sep. 14 2009 01:40 PM
the truth from bkny

BULL It certainly was NOT the Hispanics that made the deciding factor in that vote!

Sep. 14 2009 01:39 PM
hjs from 11211

doesn't this guy work for fox?

Sep. 14 2009 01:36 PM
blogenfreude from Manhattan

First Blago, then Geraldo, a Blago defender:

Sep. 14 2009 01:31 PM
Jerry from NY, NY

wonder if he will mention that hispanics are the biggest recipients of public assistance per capita in this country etc., wonder where is this country going

Sep. 14 2009 01:31 PM
Vinny from Manalapan,NJ

Journalist...thats a good one.

Sep. 14 2009 12:51 PM

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