Indie Films and the Recession

Monday, August 31, 2009

Amy Heller, president and co-founder of Milestone Film & Video, David Fenkel, partner/co-founder of Oscilloscope Laboratories, and Emily Russo, co-founder and co-president of Zeitgeist Films, discuss the future of indie film distribution and offer some strategies for survival in the current economic climate.


David Fenkel,, Amy Heller and Emily Russo

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Comments [3]

Linda from warwick, NY

We cant see any reasonably intelligent films outside of NYC. That is NOT for lack of audience. I dont go to the movies much anymore having moved ONLY 1 1/2 hr upstate from NYC. I love going out to the movies. A great cultural loss. Late Capitalism: self created scarcity and gradual devolution of the society, everything is limited by money "markets" and pandering to the lowest common denominator. Sad.

Aug. 31 2009 01:23 PM
mark lipsky from NYC

My company, Gigantic Digital Cinema ( is moving indie film exhibition forward with first-run exhibition (sometimes playing day and date with theaters, sometimes exclusively online) for $2.99 for a 3-day, unlimited viewing ticket. Best possible quality streaming and commercial-free.

Aug. 31 2009 01:20 PM
David Hume from Staten Island, NY

What is really Indie? I get a feeling Juno, 500 days are not really indie?

Also, once Kubrick, Fellini, Bergman, etc. stopped or died, no big directors replaced them. There seems to be a bid drop off in quality.

Great segment Leonard.


Aug. 31 2009 01:16 PM

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