Underreported: The Latest on Honduras

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Honduras is still in turmoil four days after a coup removed President Manuel Zelaya from power. We'll get the latest on the situation from Americas editor for the Economist magazine Mike Reid from London and New York Times Mexico City Bureau Chief Marc Lacey from Honduras.

You can read Marc's latest article for the Times here


Marc Lacey and Mike Reid

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Yuri Rosas from Rahway, NJ

...a real test for Obama, democracy, UN, OAS. Et cetera, et cetera.

Jul. 02 2009 08:09 PM
Yuri Rosas from Rahway, NJ

The ELITE got so scared… And the rest, we already know...

Now, the critical issue (besides the war of minds and information) is…
Do governments alternative to NEO-LIBERALISM, hold a real chance of survival?

Plus, there is a popular saying in Latin-American that reads:
”The U.S. doesn’t get coups, because they don’t have an American ambassador for themselves” So… If the E.U. already call for the return of their ambassadors
why haven’t we? And by the same token, why don’t we call our more than 600 troops there? They are only “training” right?

This info above makes me wonder about the defiance of the ousters to the rest of the world. And makes me remember Oliver North, Negroponte, Kissinger; Iran contra,
the civil war in El Salvador, the ousting of Arbenz in Guatemala… All conducted
from Honduras. However, we forget and instead erect an statue for Reagan.

You can press play in this little clip, to check on the backgrounds of some of the military perpetrators of this coup:

This new era of information, is what could save us from then new shame of the XXI century. And as we speak, individual citizen’s rights are being taken away from the people there, because the ousters are loosing the grip of things. And there are thousands of people coming from the interior of the country slowly. Because the cutting of the power has made the circulation of info not arrive to them properly.

Jul. 02 2009 08:02 PM
Yuri Rosas from Rahway, NJ

This is the worst under reported report I have ever heard. I’m surprised.
From beginning to end (add the quality of the sound on these phone-calls
I’m not surprise from the one in Tegucigalpa because they’ve been interfering
but the other one…).

So let’s start. President Zelaya IS NOT trying to reelect himself. If you guys stop quoting, and start fact checking what you read somewhere else –which is a must in journalism-, you would have found that he’s been saying - for almost two years- that he does not want to reelect himself. But let’s assume he hasn’t.

The dude was making an official poll. He couldn’t conduct it by phone or door to door
because Honduras has TOO MANY RURAL AREAS (no electricity or phone). And in these areas, is better to spread the voice through radio, placed a box in a municipality or school, and finally have the people come to the poll’s box.

What did the poll said? It said: do you agree to have a fourth box in the next presidential elections, in which you WOULD BE ASKED if you are in favor of reforms to the current constitution? SO, it was a poll (a question) about a future question. Why a fourth box?
FOR THE PRESIDENT, A SECOND ONE FOR CONGRESSMEN, AND A THIRD FOR MAJORS. The fourth ballot box was for this question.

Jul. 02 2009 08:02 PM
jawbone from Parsippany, NJ

Ooops -- I commented on the misinformation about the nonbinding poll on the segment below.

But, actually, how can we expect our media to report on the policies benefitting the poor in Honduras when it can't report on the single payer option for reforming health care here in the US?

Lemond socialism (bailouts for the bankers) is OK -- worthy of trillions! Preventing anything "disruptive" to the Big Health Insurance companies continuing to make obscene profits? Worth at least billions.

Discussing the needs and best policies for the non-wealthy? Eh.

Only if Obama had taken the lead on ensuring single payer were at least permitted on the table would the MCM* have covered it with any accuracy and fairness. Even then, perhaps not....

So, how could we expect Uribe's moves be covered? Along with the need to spend seemingly never ending rare news minutes on Michael Jackson, where is the the time?

*MCM--Mainstream Corporate Media

Jul. 02 2009 04:26 PM
vladimir from new jersey

all news papers & radio/tv is own by the only 4 o 5 families wish have tick ties in the corrupt congress people is marching from all corners of the country the elite media will never show that

Jul. 02 2009 01:42 PM
Steven from Brooklyn

Chavez is always the focus of the extended manuevers to stay in power, what is never said is that President Uribe of Colombia is also doing the exact same thing, yet you never hear this because it is perceived that Colombia is an ally of the U.S.

This is Hypocrisy !!

Jul. 02 2009 01:40 PM
vladimir from new jersey

your guess have poor info about honduras, all media in honduras is own by the elite there for poor polls about the president that everybody wants 80 percent of honduran like president zelaya

Jul. 02 2009 01:36 PM

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