Who Moved My Soap?

Monday, June 29, 2009

Bernie Madoff will be sentenced for a jail term of up to 150 years for his $65 billion Ponzi scheme. The time for legal advice is over. Award-winning comedian and creator of the Borowitz Report, Andy Borowitz offers Madoff another kind of advice in Who Moved My Soap? The CEO's Guide to Surviving in Prison: The Bernie Madoff Edition.

Event: Andy Borowitz will be performing stand-up and signing books
Thursday, July 2nd, at 9:00 pm
"Comedy Below Canal"
92nd St. Y in Tribeca
200 Hudson Street
More information and tickets here.


Andy Borowitz

Comments [27]

Denny from Manhattan

Thank you, Leonard for this great segment! Andy Borowitz was hilarious as always.

Jul. 03 2009 11:39 AM
Ro from SoHo

Personally, I found the segment humorously skewered not only the evil that is transmogrified in Madoff, but the greed & moral lassitude that seems incipient in modern western society - whether investor or Gov't watchdog.

But to address DAZED (22), perhaps you have not considered the additional service that Mr. Lopate performs for WNYC listeners?

How often have you listened to a discussion or documentary piece and wondered how/where you could find more information about the topic?

Surely it can't be a sin to promote the sort of books about the topics that intellectually alert listeners - who also read, would like to follow up & enhance their information base? It is a service he gives to his listeners as well as the guests he chooses for OUR benefit - not their gain.

Dazed - do try not to be so cynical. You'll not only be happier and less grumpy, but also more informed.

Jun. 29 2009 02:14 PM
Jane from Brooklyn, NY

Instead of letting Bernie Madoff sit in jail and read all day, make him work for the people he stole from. And/ or make him work for charities, Madoff could see what the real world is like.

Jun. 29 2009 12:56 PM
bklynpeg from brooklyn

WOW--I can't believe so many complainers above--I found this hilarious and came online to send the link to friends--maybe that's because I didn't lose any money in a ponzi scheme--I lost mine fair and square in individual stocks!--PS--for all those who are soooo upset about this, let's see some numbers on how much was paid out over the years this scheme was in effect---after all, he only spent a few hundred million--how much went back to his "investors"??--not just the ones who "got out" early, but the ones who got regular payments for many years-- seems like the newbies lost the most??

Jun. 29 2009 12:54 PM
DAZED from nyc

Mike B. The guest, ANDY, was not Humorous....Andy, himself, was misinformed on several different topics, boring..and NOT FUNNY. I wouldnt have minded the satire IF Andy had shown some level of wit and humor. All requirements were absent.

Jun. 29 2009 12:48 PM
DAZED from nyc

wow...this is as informative and interesting at the Amazon Kindle segment...I didnt realize my membership was really for cost of airing infomercials.

Jun. 29 2009 12:40 PM
William Taufic

I have always admired your show but I am concerned about the integrity and the tone of this show. This topic is a very serious thing. The arrogance of your guest does you know justice. Sorry to have nothing good to say. Please consider more interesting topics and guests in the future.

Jun. 29 2009 12:36 PM
MichaelB from Morningside Heights

Leonard, what happened to your listener's sense of humor? People, this segment is not only about Madoff, it's about ALL the greedy villains who abused their positions and harmed people. Yes, it's through humor, but humor is satire, and the satire is CRITICAL of the abusers!

Jun. 29 2009 12:35 PM
Rad from Larchmont

what a crap segment! I turned the radio off

Jun. 29 2009 12:32 PM
Inquisigal from Brooklyn

I actually find this to be a welcome change from serious coverage about Madoff. Andy, thanks for your spot-on satire!

Jun. 29 2009 12:32 PM
JP from The Garden State

I agree with the above folks. This is so not important not only to the world but 99.9% of the citizens of this country. Oh no, a very small bunch of greedy rich folks got ripped off because they got way to greedy and left common sense behind. I do feel bad for the third party people who had money invested with Bernie without knowing. But the most nerving of all are these greedy ex direct Bernie investors who are now sobbing on TV and demand the government (you and me) should give them all their money back. Nonsense!!! They should be happy that he got 150 years and learn how to live a humble life like the rest of us plebeians so we can get on to real problems and issues that are going on right now.

Jun. 29 2009 12:31 PM
MichaelB from Morningside Heights

Leonard, you are a very good straight man/setup man!

Jun. 29 2009 12:30 PM
Tod from Brooklyn

I'm with you Jason. This is inane, tired, glib, and embarrassing. For the first time in awhile, I feel forced to turn my radio off until this is over.

Jun. 29 2009 12:29 PM
robert from new york

i'm sorry but i find the whole discussion quite disgusting. do you guys really care what will happen in jail with/to this criminal? r

Jun. 29 2009 12:28 PM

This Andy Dude...was vaguely funny (if that) until he started referencing things he seems to have no idea whatsoever...

Thanks Leonard for correcting him...PLEASE LEONARD...BE DONE WITH ANDY.

Jun. 29 2009 12:28 PM
lg from nj

i am a little stunned by the stupidity of this segment. This is just a tragedy for all concerned and you are talking about feng shui in the prison cell?
is this april fool's day?

Jun. 29 2009 12:28 PM
Robert Plautz from New York, N.Y.


Yes, Bernard Madoff deserves no sympathy and should be imprisoned a very long time. His crimes were willfull and he should have known better.

But Mr. Borowitz's attempt to make jokes about the tragedy of greed getting the better of a human, as we all are, is out of place. I am sure than none of Madoff victims are laughing at Mr. Borowitz's sick humor.

Leoanrd, I listen to your show very often. I expected better of you.

Robert Plautz
New York, N.Y.

Jun. 29 2009 12:28 PM
SuzanneNYC from Upper West Side

You know what? This isn't funny. Maybe for 5 minutes. But now, it's gone on way too long. Everything that could be said has been said. Time's up!

Jun. 29 2009 12:28 PM
BrettG from Astoria NY

FYI - Bernie was a Federal bust. He's been @ the FED lockup - MCC - Metropolitan Correction Center – not The Tombs ( State of New York).

Mr.Borowitz is fun to listen to - but I see no reason to give Bernie more time to bore the rest of us.

Jun. 29 2009 12:21 PM
Emma from New York, NY

Maybe I'm alone here, but a segment that's just jokes about this case, today... this isn't funny, Leonard. Having just listened to all those victims' statements, I'm saddened for them. There's funny, and I get there's a need for using *humor* to make sense of some of this, but this afternoon just is too soon.

Jun. 29 2009 12:21 PM
Jason from Midtown

this guest is terribly not funny. anyone else cringing at the flatness of his humor?

Jun. 29 2009 12:19 PM
Enrique from Elizabeth, NJ

*open fire to Manuel Zelaya's supporters -i meant to say-.

Jun. 29 2009 12:17 PM
Enrique from Elizabeth, NJ

...just like Aristide and Chavez (in Haiti and Venezuela) i guess we're just going to look away.

Jun. 29 2009 12:16 PM
Yvonne from new york

Bon Savon!

Hey, he may just get 149 years off for good behavior!

Jun. 29 2009 12:14 PM
Enrique from Elizabeth, NJ

Talking about journalism... In Honduras, the military is getting ready to open fire to ousted president Manuel Zelaya... And here, just timids and wrongful reports have been heard.

The whole world is reporting and watching disgusted, and you want me to keep pledging next season?

Jun. 29 2009 12:14 PM

I think he should get 50 years off for good behavior...

Jun. 29 2009 12:12 PM
Christina from Manhattan

Enough with the constant fascination with Bernie Madoff, Brian. He's a scam artist and people were scammed by him, willing to believe him on word of mouth of people they trusted for no particular reason, but did no due diligence that would be expected of someone dealing with your money and life savings.

What about all the people who have lost their life's savings and fortunes by investing and trusting with legal financial institutions that have since brought our economy down. Why aren't you obsessively talking about them every day.

Jun. 29 2009 10:14 AM

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