Underreported: Middle Eastern Reaction to Iranian Turmoil

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Iraq, like Iran, is one of the few the countries in the world with a Shi'ite Muslim majority. And though the two countries were long rivals, many of today's Iraqi leaders — especially Shi'ites — spent the Saddam Hussein years as guests of the mullahs in Tehran. On today’s first Underreported we’ll look at how the controversy over Iran’s elections is playing in Iraq with Time magazine senior editor Bobby Ghosh and New York Times UN Bureau Chief Neil MacFarquhar.
You can read Bobby Ghosh's article on the subject here.
And you can read Neil MacFarquhar's latest article here.

Neil MacFarquhar was on the Leonard Lopate Show May 13, 2009, to discuss his book The Media Relations Department of Hizbollah Wishes You a Happy Birthday. You can listen to that interview here.