Food in the City: Reinterpreting Recipes with Michael Lomonaco

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Let's face it: life in the city can be difficult, but one of the things that makes it better is food! And we're not just talking about comfort food - there’s street food, farmers markets, fancy food, and the food you cook in your own kitchen (no matter how small!). In our new series, Food in the City, we'll explore all the many different ways that food makes us New Yorkers.

On our first installment, we’ll talk with chef Michael Lomonaco. He may have learned how to do brisket in Texas smokehouses, but now he cooks his brisket Brooklyn style! Everyone who cooks personalizes recipes in their own special way. We want your "New York" recipes! Share your recipes – from your New York – in the comments section below. They can be recipes you brought with you from somewhere else and adapted to your new home here in the city or just personal touches you’ve added to classic recipes over the years.

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