Underreported: The Recession's Impact on Human Rights

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The economic crisis has radically changed many of the ways in which the world functions, but one of the great recessions most disastrous side effects is an increase in global repression. Widespread economic problems are creating extensive social problems as people and governments cope with limited access to food, jobs, clean water, land, and housing. What’s more, growing unrest about the economy is leading to violence and political repression in many countries. We’ll speak with executive director of Amnesty International Larry Cox about where the suffering is worst and who is the most affected.


Larry Cox

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Peter from Sunset Park

With regard to Hugh's comment, even the BBC reports that Palestinians use their own children as human shields.

Hugh can find many more examples by doing a simple Google search, but I am sure Hugh will decide not to investigate the matter. By looking into the matter, Hugh will find exactly what he doesn't want to see – example after example of Palestinian adults using their own children as human shields. It is much easier to blame Israel.

May. 28 2009 01:54 PM
Amy from Manhattan

I'm very glad to hear Mr. Cox speak on Sri Lanka, & I appreciate Leonard's asking. I have a friend whose family was involved in activism there against the abuses of both the gov't. & the Tamil Tigers. She's been blogging about the latest news & linking to articles about both the last weeks of the fighting--when the gov't. was firing on areas where civilians were trapped, & the Tigers were shooting those who tried to escape ( the end of the fighting, w/the civilians held in detention camps (

May. 28 2009 01:44 PM
Hugh from Brookyn

With regard to Peter's comment: The one proven case of a child being used as a human shield -- a case confirmed with video and photographic footage -- was one where _Israeli_ forces used a _Palestinian_ child tied to the hood of a vehicle.

May. 28 2009 01:23 PM
Hugh from Brookyn

Amnesty International's record is not free of blemish. It is particularly blind, or politically servile, on the subject of Israel.

In recent weeks, Israel has burned Palestinian crops in the West Bank. It continues its blockade of Gaza. It continues to steal 80% of the fresh water of the West Bank.

Most recently, Israel has made it quite clear to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton that no language from the US will move Israel to alter its colonization of the West Bank.

Amnesty International's track record on these crimes pales in comparison with Human Rights Watch, the ICRC, the UN HCR, and several Israeli human rights groups (like B'Tselem and Peace Now).

Not surprisingly, your guest is silent in Palestine. AI has decided that Israeli atrocities are the third rail of international human rights work.

May. 28 2009 01:20 PM
Peter from Sunset Park

It was reported in today’s Haaretz that “Amnesty International has accused Israel of repeatedly violating the rules of armed conflict during its recent offensive against Hamas in the Gaza Strip” ( Yet Amnesty International and Mr. Cox are largely silent on the issue of Palestinian children being used as human shields. Please ask Mr. Cox what Amnesty International is doing to prevent Palestinian adults from using Palestinian children as human shields? Don’t Palestinian children deserve to be protected from Palestinian adults who want to use them as bullet stoppers? It worries me that Mr. Cox and human rights organizations such as Amnesty International are largely silent when Palestinian children are used as human sandbags and shields by Palestinian adults.

Will this post be deleted by the WNYC censors for not being liberal enough? We shall see.

May. 28 2009 12:53 PM

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