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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Daniel Franklin, editor of The Economist magazine, makes predictions for the world in 2009 – and explains why the magazine’s predictions for 2008 turned out to be spectacularly wrong! The World in 2009 is The Economist's annual collection of predictions for the year ahead.

Weigh in: What are your predictions for 2009?


Daniel Franklin

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Leon Freilich from Park Slope


Mark Twain as usual said it best

And it still applies in all climes:

“Stopping smoking’s an easy thing–

I”ve done it dozens of times.”

Jan. 01 2009 12:17 PM
Jim Jarvis from Metuchen, NJ

Leonard, always an interesting program. The Economist's outlook for 09 continued the tradition. However...

Is it possible for you to look at 'global warming' or 'climate control' a bit more critically? Yes, there is warming. We have steadily been recovering from the little ice age, to the point where, in 2006, ocean surface temperatures had returned to the 3,000 year average.

Scientists have challenged the IPCC's political position with respect to man-made global warming. Without boring you with statistics (the following segment!)... in fact, if every human being but one scientist were to leave the earth... she wouldn't be able to tell, from CO2 levels or global temperature, whether we'd left or not.

THAT is how sketchy the scientific data is on the topic.

Blindly repeating anthropomorphic global warming, as a fact, you should do a bit of research to find a factual basis for your expression or belief. I think your assumptions may be challenged.

None of this is to suggest that energy conservation is wrong, or that environmental sensitivity is wrong. Quite the contrary. The problem is that CO2 fixation will divert us from good policy decisions.

Best wishes for the New Year!!

Dec. 30 2008 01:47 PM
Leon Freilich from Park Slope


Intent next year

On looking spry?

Don't eat on days

Ending in Y

Dec. 30 2008 01:03 PM
P Ross from Long Island

In 2009, I forsee Leonard Lopate's show will be the only radio program to simultaneously challenge my brain and tickle my pleasure bone.

Dec. 30 2008 11:51 AM
Wallace from The Bronx

I think that the new President will try to turn the economy around with running a huge deficit. The middle class will get tax relief. The big three will fold as credit continues to be contrained. The MTA will yet again scam people with a fair hike and get the East River Crossing tolls. More people will be unemployed and states will have to obtain money from the federal government to aide the unemployed.
Iraq will come to end with US troops and Afganistan will be on the news more as the fighting increases. That is what I think will happen in 2009. Happy new Year!

Dec. 30 2008 10:43 AM
Peter from Sunset Park

My prediction for 2009 is that the world is going to be faced with more and more situations in which civilians are used as human shields. Right now Hamas is using large portions of the Palestinian civilian population as human shields. The infrastructure of Palestinian terrorism such as weapon depots are being built around and under Palestinian human shields.

I predict that the international community is going to make the mistake of legitimizing, maybe even legalizing the use of such human shields. I predict that organizations such as the United Nations will start producing resolutions in which the use of human shields is formally tolerated as “resistance.”

Human shields and civilian casualties are going to become a much more accepted and tolerated aspect of war because the international community condones, accepts and encourages it and will only do so to a greater degree in 2009.

Dec. 30 2008 08:55 AM
George from Bay Ridge

Chrysler will end up in bankruptcy and possibly liquidation. Chrysler currently has neither the capital nor the product to remain competitive against the other carmakers or pay back any federal loans.

Question: why should the federal government bail out Chrysler, owned by Cerberus, instead of bailing out Chrysler suppliers and people who build car parts of whom Chrysler owes money to?

Dec. 30 2008 04:02 AM

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