Underreported: Censored Stories of 2007-08

Thursday, October 23, 2008

There are plenty of major news stories you probably didn’t hear or read about in the last year – like the fact that the Iraqi death count reached 1 million, and US-backed militarism is resurgent in Latin America. Hear about the top censored stories of the past year.

Peter Phillips is Director of Project Censored, and has co-edited the new book Censored 2009. Jessica Lee is an editor and reporter with The Indypendent newspaper. She’s written about another censored story, the Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act, and is a contributor to Censored 2009.


Jessica Lee and Peter Phillips

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Michelle from Brooklyn

I think someone needs to "please explain" how someone who is supposedly a highly educated and intelligent individual can make a statement comparing the guest worker program to slavery and no one seems to bat and eye. Last I checked, these "guest workers" came here willingly... America wasn't exactly holding a gun to their heads and saying "get over here and work on else". These individuals come here to start a new life... to have a fresh beginning. And that is exactly what it is. The beginning. Much like a college student. An upper-middle class college freshman makes the choice to leave their parents' home and enter into American society. And where does he start? At the bottom. In dormitory and at a minimum wage job, without unions to represent him, just like this guest said of the "guest workers". Young adults are eager to get out and start a new life for themselves... excited that they are able to have minimum wage jobs and a new place to live and grow in a new community. They are there to educate themselves in ways that will make them valuable to this country's workforce, and therefore they do not complain about that minimum wage job because this is the first step. The guest workers are at the first step. This is where we begin in America. Whether you are an 18-year-old white kid from a privileged family or a Mexican immigrant. But somehow this is SLAVERY?? Please explain!

Oct. 23 2008 04:18 PM
adam cimino from nyc

i interned under mr. phillips at sonoma state in 2001. a real brave and intelligent person. looking forward to listening.

Oct. 23 2008 02:21 PM
JWG from NYC

I am offended by this guests use of the word Genocide when he is referring to the number of civilians killed in Iraq. The number of deaths is truly appalling, but unlike Rwanda these deaths are not a concerted effort to wipe out a specific group, which is what Genocide is. He is saying because a large number of people are killed, and that number is similar to the number of people killed in a true Genocide, that makes it "approaching the numbers of Genocide" is a smear tactic. It is just not true, and it implies so much more than what the reality is, however horrific the reality is.

Oct. 23 2008 01:50 PM
Meghan Gordon from Provincetown, MA

The number one underreported story was reported by This American Life. It was an amazing episode that was incredibly moving and disturbing because no one else reported it.

Oct. 23 2008 01:48 PM

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