Please Explain: Botox

Friday, October 17, 2008

Botox is the most common cosmetic procedure in the U.S.. In addition to erasing wrinkles, it’s also sometimes used to treat migraines and excessive salivation, among other conditions. Find out what Botox is, and what the risks and benefits are. Dr. Paul Greene is Associate Professor of Neurology at Columbia University; Ewen Callaway is Biomedicine reporter for New Scientist magazine.


Ewen Callaway and Dr. Paul Greene

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Botox NYC goes the best here.

Oct. 10 2013 10:44 AM

Botox NYC options are countless, but Trifecta Medical Spa has something unique to offer in shape of its Dracula Facial Uplift, which is the other name of Platelets Rich Plasma Therapy to make you look younger in less than a night.

Oct. 10 2013 10:43 AM
hjs from 11211

"the ravages of time" please! sounds like someone is in the biz

Oct. 17 2008 01:54 PM
Amy from Manhattan

As far as advertising is concerned, I've worked on (copyedited) promotional materials for Botox for overactive bladder, but they were targeted to doctors, not patients.

Oct. 17 2008 01:48 PM
Alison from Manhattan

How totally ridiculous to shot this crap into your face for vanity sake! YUCK!

Oct. 17 2008 01:44 PM
Liz from Manhattan

I'd like to know about using botox injections for Migraines.Thanks for the info!

Oct. 17 2008 01:34 PM
Dr. Mark A. Belsey from Brooklyn Heights, NY

I believe your guests indicated that there was no treatment for Botulism. This is not correct. Clostridium botulinum has been classified into several types lettered from A through E. There were as of severeal years ago antitoxin to types A, B and E were available when I first encounteed my first cases when I was a medical student in Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) nearly 50 years ago. A family became affected after consuming home-canned string beans. Several members survived. We treated the whole family with antitoxin.

Oct. 17 2008 01:32 PM
Dage from Park Slope

Can Botox injections trigger auto-immune responses?

Oct. 17 2008 01:31 PM
Gary Brubaker from Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

I have dystonia with many forms-vocal dystonia, writer's cramp, essential tremours. I am presently using artane and clonopin, and botox doesn't work for me.

What else is there available. I'm struggling to live through this.

Oct. 17 2008 01:13 PM

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