Underreported: Eating Mud Cakes in Haiti

Thursday, August 21, 2008

As Haiti’s food prices skyrocket, many poor Haitians are resorting to eating mud cakes - the cheapest way to quell hunger in a country whose food import bill will leap 80% this year, the fastest price jump in the world. Rory Carroll is a correspondent for the Guardian.


Rory Carroll

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I am so tired of getting mad, it really doesn't help. I will tell you one thing; I hate been here, I hate the way the Americans treat other countries, I hate the way they are treating my Country. Going around causing pain, suffering, killing our mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, raping them, violate them from everything they had worked for, for what? Just for their simple pleasure or just to show us no matter what they can still do whatever they want with us.
They are taking our oil, our capacity to produce, our lands, every single thing that we own so we can only depend on them. You know what? because They don't want us to leave their country, remember we are their tax payer, we are their mule, we are here to make them getting richer and richer while they are destroying our motherland. When are we going to do something about it? Just when? Where are all our doctors, engineers, agronomists, teachers and the other professionals Haitian? Where are you? I think it is time for us to do something. Let's get together and let's do something. Let's go and build something in our country for a better tomorrow. This country is a piece of s**t. I am working my way out and I am ready, I think definitely it is time to get the F.. OUT.
Enough is enough.

Aug. 25 2008 11:23 PM
James from Pokemon

Fuck fuck fuck USA and their trillions of dollars spent in annoying election campaigns... There's a genocide happening in Darfur, people dying from famine in Haiti and so much more sorrow and pain...
Fuck you! Fuck you!

Aug. 25 2008 09:17 PM
Sally Forth from Soho

This is shameful. Haiti is a rock's throw away from the United States of America and suffers under such extreme poverty.

It is diabolical.

Aug. 21 2008 01:33 PM

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