Surviving Globalization

Monday, August 11, 2008

Pat Choate, Ross Perot’s former VP running mate, says that unfettered globalization is a major threat to American stability and prosperity. In his new book, Dangerous Businesss, he shares his thoughts on what the U.S. needs to do to remain sovereign, prosperous, and secure.


Pat Choate

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Albertine from NYC

'Right of petition' is a principle to keep but we don't have to do that in its current practice. The practice should be revised.

The constitution says we have the right to address our grievances with our government.

It doesn't say we have the right to pay campaign contributions to legislators from outside our own districts, who need to listen to their own constituents about policy, not somebody else's.

One novel solution would be to require Congress people to have their own businesses, and occupations, and therefore sources of income and wealth back home in their districts, which they go back to at the end of a reasonable number of terms in office. That was the case when this Congress was dreamed up in the first place. I know a few from my hometown who are nothing put professional back slappers with really absolutely zero skills and business acumen, and certainly no understanding of the common law.

I love Mr. Choate's stuff, it is a tour de force, but I would encourage him to take a more holistic and emergent integrative view of solutions rather than the command and control paradigm reflex on which clearly Mr. Choate, and everyone else in his cohort was educated and built his career.

Aug. 11 2008 02:08 PM
Albertine from NYC

What if they decide they want to exchange Federal Bonds for Federal Lands? They could get the IMF to restructure our society like we have done time and time again in Argentina and other places. Then we can become the dumping ground for their nuclear waste and pollution.

OK OK so you make the case for negative impact, but what are the solutions?

What kinds of skill building do we need to do here to compete with our former Chinese components suppliers? I hear Chinese auto components makers have just hired auto engineers formerly fired by and useless to Big Auto into newly formed research centers in MI.

What do we need to do to the American brain to change our values and outlooks so we don't keep doing this to ourselves and everyone else?

Aug. 11 2008 01:38 PM
Albertine from NYC

Can you ask him why our government and donor institutions like World Bank and IMF persist to force industrial agriculture onto billions of peasants around the world who are now deskilled, de-racinated from social networks into low skill or unemployment in unplanned slums, and now face mounting food insecurity?

All the while we say we're raising Global GDP because self-sustaining non-paid family agricultural and household labor is being transferred into sweat shop labor in pathological slums, and more people are living on $1 a day rather than living a day where they don't need a $1.

Now, Globalization is bad for America?

What Americans need to get out of this Globalization trap is overt mass-market training for mental agility, hope, social support systems, risk taking, and entrepreneurship to start their own businesses, co-ops, and employee-owned enterprises to supply products and services for themselves by themselves from within their own communities.

Let them learn to make themselves innovative and rich enough instead of letting a few somewhere else accumulate huge fortunes that are now somehow magically secretly furtively finding their way into Union Bank of Switzerland numbered accounts, just when the real tax bill comes due here!

Aug. 11 2008 01:12 PM

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